New Reference for Same Image

In these drawings I used the little icon as my reference.  It is a different reference from the ones used in all previous sketch/drawings of this image. I thought that sticking to the previous would mean I would be able to be consistent. I found that I can’t improve doing the same thing over and over without looking at different styles of the same image. It’s true that although there are subtle differences, the images of different iconographers are the same.



11-12-16 Second try, pencil and paper again. First attempt went better than expected so I wanted to try this one without relying so much on proportion since it is exactly the same proportions as old reference. It’s off. Less studied and planned.
11-11-16 First try using icon at bottom left as reference, one sitting.  pencil & paper.

One sitting drawings

I have been thinking that it would serve me well (improve my foundation drawing skills and help me to begin creating better line characteristics) to branch out to other interpretations of the same image. What I would really appreciate is seeing someone more practiced draw this image to see how they manage the flow and breaks of lines. The line characteristics is a part I am seeing needs work.  I also believe my proportions and unity over all need improvement, but am thinking if I work on line characteristics, it may be a way to achieve that. Either way, in order to improve I need to go beyond my skill at this point; study and practice.

Drawing completed in one sitting. Used diagonal and center line for placement; proportions observational.


Wanted to see how well I could reproduce drawing in a small time frame. Proportions/ symmetry& unity suffered